Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Compile Blender with Yafaray support in Ubuntu

Blender is the most popular open-source 3D application. it's capable of modeling, texturing, animation, composition, etc.

Yafaray is an external rendering engine, built to simplify (a bit) the setup of lights.

Download the Script to compile

This instruction relies heavily on a Script by Mr. Greenthumb, called sevenblend. So first, download the script here.

extract the files on a folder, say sevenblend.

Download Needed Packages

We need, a number of packages for checking out source files, and compiling. To download, do this on the terminal:

sudo apt-get install subversion libqt4-dev binutils swig scons libpng12-dev gcc g++ libalut-dev libsdl-sound1.2-dev libopenexr-dev libjpeg62-dev python2.5-dev python2.6-dev libtiff4-dev gettext libxi-dev libfreetype6-dev libxml2-dev yasm
Execute the script

Next thing, execute the script. go to the directory where you uncompressed the downloaded script, then execute the script by doing this on the terminal

Hopefully, it should all work without errors.

If you've tried this using older versions of ubuntu (prior to ubuntu 9.04), delete the .sources directory under sevenblend folder first before doing the "./sevenblend.sh"

Enjoy Blender with yaf(a)ray support :D go to your home directory and look for sevenblend link, double click it and it should run blender.

You can actually optimize the build for your own CPU... that will be the next topic on my next post..


  1. Just FYI for everyone, this takes over 150mb's.

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